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Time passes by so fast, the great hot summer with all its wonderful memories is already gone and the colorful but chilly fall has just arrived.
That means on one hand, that we’re all back hustling with our daily life schedule like for work, our chores at home and of course trying to be the best daughter, friend, girlfriend,…, that you can be. I know its hard dealing with everything at the same time; therefore I think it’s very important not to forget the small things in life, which make you smile. Especially during fall season we can do so many things, that weren’t as nice as now or not even possible. Let me just point some things out, so when you come across them the next time, you’ll remember to enjoy them to the fullest.
On your way to work, have a closer look at your surroundings. All the trees have changed the colors of theirs leaves into brown, red, orange and yellow.  Small children play with the fallen ones and you can see the sparkles in their eyes, because of all their happiness in that moment. Finally we can smell the flavor of the freshly roasted chestnuts and the scent from lots of amazing spices in the air again like cinnamon. And do you know a better way than having a good cup of tea, which warms you up from the inside out?  My all time favorites are Chai Tea Late and Vanilla Rooibos. Not to forget Halloween and Thanksgiving, those are just around the corner. For Halloween we from S.E.V. have planed something special for you all this year, so stay updated.  Thanksgiving is a very good example, that shows us how grateful we all should be to have enough food and show our loved ones one again, how much we love them. 

Before I did the photos for this post, my sweet boyfriend got me these special field-grown roses. He just wanted to say thank you again and as you can imagine his little but meaningful gesture made my day. Afterwards we walked around his neighborhood and enjoyed this nice but chilly day in October. I love the combination of a sweater and underneath a button-down shirt, so its collar gets an eye catcher and it keeps you warm and cozy. 

I know Heloisa and I haven't been posting frequently, but from today on we will make a big effort that we at least post once a week and some other changes will come. So we apologize and hope you keep up with us. 

I wish you all a great week!!! 
XX Soeurs en Vogue: Irene 

Lipstick: MAC Hot Tahiti
Button-down Shirt, Sweater & Pants: 
Forever 21
Watch: Micheal Kors
Flats: MIA

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