Cute Workout Shirt

I had the chance to participate at a hip hop dance workshop from the Bagesti dance crew. Some of the members I've known already for years. I was always impressed of what they did with their performance, how they can visualize a song so you can understand it even better. You can see how they put their hearts into their work and feel their passion for it. 
I also visited some of their open classes, even I'm truly not a very good dancer, but I like to dance and I would like to improve myself.  The choreographers during the class got a lot of patience and are willing to show a move several time, because they care and want everybody to understand the steps and just have fun. 

So when I heard that they are doing a monthly workshop with two different choreographies by style and choreographer and I didn't want to miss that. When I prepared my stuff for the workshop I couldn't find anything that was comfy and had that hip hop flair. 
So I decided to upcycle an old T-shirt of mine which I haven't worn for a while coz I didn't like the way the sleeves were. I simply took a pair of scissors and got rid of them and changed some other things. 
Bellow you can see my way of doing your own workout shirt step by step. It's really easy and doesn't take much time. I would recommend a jersey shirt, because then you can just leave the cropped ends and don't have to do the seaming and it gives it that cool edgy look. 

The workshop was an amazing experience, with lots of different people that all share the love to dance. Each and everyone were so gifted and I just was blown by the piece of art the two choreographers taught us. Despite of me being not a very good dancer I had a lot of fun and I mean if you don't challenge yourself you'll never see improvement. So a big thanks to the Bagesti dance crew and a round of applause!!!
If I made you nosy check out their home page: http://bagesticrew.ch/ and their videos on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/BagestiCrew

xx Irene 

You need: 
a T-Shirt
a good pair of scissors 
a washable chalk
a ribbon

1. Mark with a chalk where you want to cut, cut of the collar & the sleeves with a curve down (you can always go lower with the cut of the sleeves, but i would first try it on before cutting more). 
2. Cut a V collar at the back (if your not happy how it falls, you can cut a bit more down, but first try it on again). 
3. Take a ribbon to tie a bow.

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